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Year 10 Maths Learn About Ratios Through Scale Drawing

Scale Drawing

Year 10 Mathematics have been learning about ratios through scale drawings. The students created an upscaled Tweety Pie last term and have worked their way up to a recreation of the famous bicentennial ten dollar note this term.

The project saw a tiny image divided up by a grid and the various parts of the grid were designated to a different member of the class. After the students had recreated the image at the larger scale, maths teacher Leanne Tregea then assembled the images.

The choice to use the bicentennial ten dollar note was made in conjunction with ALEC Head Teacher Allison Stewart. The note, released in 1988, is adorned with an Aboriginal man, some intricate Indigenous art and Aboriginal weaponry.

Notably, the note was the first polymer banknote issued in the world. Because of this, few survived the Australian public’s efforts to tamper with this new technology. Now, a pristine condition note can fetch up to $2000.

“One third of the class is First Nations,” explains maths teacher Leanne Tregea, “So I wanted to create a project that speaks to them. The students really enjoyed deconstructing the image and they loved seeing it then all come together.”

The class will now move study equations in Term 4. Great work, everyone!