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Refund Policy

When excursions or in-school performances are planned, every item has a cost: transport, venue hire, etc. This total cost is then divided by the number of students expected to be attending this excursion/performance. Often, especially in the case of overnight trips, the school pays a deposit in advance.

On occasions there are unforeseen circumstances, including illness, that may prevent your child from attending this event. Murrumbidgee Regional High School policy is that no refunds are able to be provided, unless a student can be found to take the place of the cancelling student. The school will make reasonable efforts to find a replacement, but this will obviously not be possible in all cases, especially with little or no notice.

If an excursion is cancelled by either the school or a third party, all monies will be refunded to parents LESS any deposit paid by the school which cannot be recovered from the third party.

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