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MRHS Fights Hard in Puma Cup Finals

Puma Cup

Murrumbidgee Regional High School’s run in the Puma Cup came to a climactic end yesterday.

Last week in the lead-up to the game, the open boys soccer team had a phenomenal 15 - nil win against Finley High School. Teammates Tomas Goirigolzarri and Roman Ahmed even managed to score a hattrick a piece in the match.

However, the finals against James Fallon pitted the MRHS team against a different calibre of players. Played on MRHS turf on Tuesday, the game got off to a somewhat shaky start, with Fallon up 2-nil at halftime.

The team galvanised during the break and closed the gap considerably, pulling an impressive comeback on the back of a jaw dropping goal off a header from Tomas Goirigolzarri. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to defeat the seasoned Albury team and James Fallon won 3-2.

Luke Fattore, Lucas Signor and Ali Zada put some hard work into the midfield to keep the game competitive. Bailey Morrissey also contributed to the comeback, injecting some pyrotechnics into the offense.

“The players from James Fallon were very skilful and very fast,” admits MRHS coach Martin Maley, “I was a bit worried that we were going to get blown off the park, but our guys didn’t give up. The team definitely fed off the crowd support.”

“Almost that entire team will still be eligible to play next year, so we’re looking forward to a big season,” Mr Maley adds.

Congratulations on making the finals, boys!