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James Mwender from BioAg in Narrandera has been working with senior Agriculture students to test our farm soil in a project known as 'Dirt Doctors'. This was completed using of soil pits, drench lines and soil testing to determine the major issues facing the school's soil.

Most of the farm's soil profile is a reddish sandy clay loam which was swept in from the west many thousands of years ago. Once the soil becomes wet or livestock or machinery moves over it, the soil becomes easily compacted which impedes root development, plant growth and microbial activity.

With the careful use of deep ripping, the application of pelletized Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate), smarter livestock grazing processes, irrigation and the utilisation of biostimulants, the school farm soils can be optimised for agricultural purposes. This is due to an improvement in microbial activity, a reduction in compacted layers and better water efficiency, which is vital the school's long term regenerative practices. 

Mr Chirgwin's Senior Agriculture students have just started their first assessment task with a focus on soil degradation and soil structure decline (compaction).


The Agricultural Department would like to thank James Mwender (BioAg), Aidan Lewis (Yenda Producers), Iva Quarisa (IREC), Mr. Badham, Mr. Townsing, Mr. Cassidy, Mr. Ciampa & Mr. Hammond for their assistance with improving the overall structure of the farm's soil.


Article by Carl Chirgwin


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