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Year 7 History Unearths Ancient Greece

Year 7 Ancient History

Year 7 History were required to recreate an ancient Greek artefact of their choice last month. The over 80 submissions have been impressive shown both an impressive quality and attention to detail.

The students submitted everything from Grecian pots, statues, mosaics, wreaths, swords and shields. Some of our stand out examples included a model of the Parthenon, a model of the Discobolus created from a GI Joe and a 50 cent piece, a model Greek tunic or chiton and a replica of the mask of Agamemnon.

Over the course of the unit, students have studied homelife in ancient Greece, Greek social hierarchies and ancient Greek religion. The students also experienced the various ancient Greek styles of government, with students rising to the place of leadership through rounds of scissor paper rock in a monarchy simulation, students learning to share power in an oligarchy simulation and students determining their own fate in a Greek democratic simulation.

Great work, Year 7!