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Year 10 Restaurant Days Wow Hungry Staff

Restaurant Days

Over the past two weeks, restaurant days have delighted and fed staff who were lucky enough to be invited. The event is a rite of passage for Year 10 Food Technology students, who get to invite their favourite teachers to the event.

Classrooms are transformed into fine dining establishments with gentle café style music, tasteful decoration and classy table settings. The food served was a culmination of all that the students have learned during their time in school. Curries, burgers, Greek and Moroccan cuisine were all on the menu followed by a host of desserts.

The added pressure of service and the considerations of cooking for a large number of customers certainly kept the students on their feet, but they rose to the challenge admirably. The reviews of the pop-up restaurants have been overwhelmingly positive, with staff complimenting the high quality of food and the fantastic, albeit sometimes sarcastic, service.

Congratulations to Year 10 for putting together such a fantastic event and to Patrick Lane, Jyotika Maharaj, Rebecca Chapman and Denise Robinson for coordinating another fantastic year of restaurant days.

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