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Starting High School

Starting high school is an exciting time for students and parents. Your child will experience broader learning opportunities with new subjects, the chance to make new friends, and independence that comes from student-centred teaching. 

This page will contain information you might need to prepare your child for high school. 

  • Positive Behaviour for Learning
  • Subject Information
  • Bell Times
  • Uniform
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Sports
  • Equipment Requirements
  • Canteen

For more detailed information about the school, you can download the 2020 Student Information Booklet. Please contact us if you have a question specific to your child.

Positive Behaviour for Learning

Murrumbidgee Regional High School is a Positive Behaviour for Learning School. This means we aim to instill the following values in students. Each value comes with a set of expectations which will help our students develop into well-rounded individuals. We would appreciate if you support us in this and help your children to follow these values in all areas of life. 

Subject Information

Quest (English/History) - Quest is part of our Integrated Curriculum focus. It combines English and History together to allow students a wider understanding of how society is shaped. By combining these two traditional subject areas, students are able to gain a broader perspective of the content and apply the skills directly to a wide variety of different focuses.

Discovery (Science/Geography) - Discovery is part of our Integrated Curriculum focus. It combines Science and Geography to allow students to develop a wider understanding of how the world functions and how humans work within it. The combination of these subjects allows students to directly apply physical concepts and skills to humanitarian ideas and decisions.

Mathematics - Mathematics will begin to step students to less concrete concepts. They will be exploring concepts of shapes, basic algebra, fractions and integers. They will be applying these skills to a range of scenarios to develop their understanding of the major concepts.

Personal Development/ Health/ Physical Education (PD/H/PE) - PD/H/PE combines physical skills, sports and exercise with critical personal and lifestyle development. They will participate in a range of physical activities throughout class time. Students will also explore concepts such as puberty and safe life choices to help develop their understanding of themselves and their societies.

Music - Students will listen to, analyse and perform music from a range of instruments, groups and cultures. They will learn the basics of musical notation, practice aural skills and develop their confidence as they begin to learn the effects of music on themselves and others.

Visual Arts - Visual Arts allows students to explore how meaning is created through a variety of styles and mediums. They will learn about famous artists and the techniques they use to help shape understanding.

Technical and Applied Sciences (TAS) - Students will have the opportunity to study a range of more hands-on subjects which they will be able to directly utilise around home. This includes subjects such as Food Technology, Textiles, Woodwork and Metalwork.

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) - Students will learn the basic vocabulary, culture and grammatical systems of another language. These may include languages such as Italian, German and Chinese.

Passion Electives - Throughout the year, students will select a variety of elective subjects based on their own interests.

Bell Times

See below the bell times for both school sites. School starts each day at 8:55am and finishes at 3:25pm. At Griffith, assemblies are held on Tuesday mornings, at Wade, they are held on Monday mornings.