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Work experience

In Term 2, Year 10 students complete one compulsory week of work experience. Students have the option to complete more than week if they wish, students wishing to do so, need to speak with their Careers Adviser to make arrangements.

During work experience, students learn valuable skills such as communicating with others, following instructions and working with a team, they also get an opportunity to learn valuable workplace skills.

Students are able to try an occupation that may be of interest for a future career and hopefully develop self confidence and understanding in their area of interest. We believe work experience enables students to make a smoother transition from school to work.

During work experience each student will attend a work place of their choice for five days. Students are expected to wear appropriate clothing and observe normal business hours of the establishment concerned.

Students should speak with their parents and Careers Adviser about possible placements. Students are encouraged to make contact with an employer and negotiate their own work placement. All students will receive a work experience package which includes a copy of:

The student placement record should be completed by students, parents and the employer and returned to school. Copies of this will then be made and distributed to relevant parties.

Students are required to give the Employers guide to Workplace Learning to their employer when they meet, along with the Letter to the Employer. Students will also need to give the employer the Student Placement Record, so that the Employer Section can be completed. All other forms will be posted to employers by the Careers Adviser.

During work experience students are expected to abide by all the rules and recommendations regarding work placements, given to them in their Careers lessons.

Those students intending to work on a building site with, builders, plasterers, plumbers, tilers, or electricians for example, will need to complete a White Card Course. Please visit the Careers Office at school for more information and to find out when the next White Card Course is going to run. 

For further information regarding work experience you can contact Careers Teachers Mrs Carol-Anne Sutton or Mrs Anna Bergamin (Wade site) or Ms Melina Ragusa (Griffith site).