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Choosing a career

Choosing a career

Choosing a career that best suits you can be a difficult process. It is important that you explore all avenues available and gather as much information as possible. Murrumbidgee Regional High organises many activities throughout the year to assist in this process. The Careers Room also has an extensive range of resources related to careers and training options.

The best way to research a career is to read widely, talk to people and ask questions. To research a career, begin with the broad industry, familiarise yourself with the occupations in that industry, then focus on specific occupations or jobs within that industry which interest you and which you may like to pursue as a career. For example:

  • Decide on the industry e.g. Health
  • Find the range of jobs available in the Health Industry
  • Identify a specific occupation e.g. Nursing
  • Explore this occupation further to see if there are any particular specialisations, e.g.Paediatric Nursing.

The bullet posters in the hallway outside the Careers Room will help you identify occupations within specific subject areas.

You can find information on occupations from a variety of sources:

  • The Internet (view our list of links here)
  • Careers advisers
  • Career expos/tertiary days
  • Training and education providers
  • Industries and employers
  • Libraries
  • Government departments
  • Professional associations
  • Yellow pages
  • Newspapers, magazines, journals

For more information you can visit the Careers Office at Murrumbidgee Regional High School Griffith and Wade sites.